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The USA are back to back champs. Even though European nations are making progress, substance must always trump style.

A second consecutive and record 4th FIFA World Cup title is certainly something to shout about. The word is dominance, it spells dominance. However, hidden in the narrative are the stern challenges of Spain, France, England and the Netherlands, that the USWNT faced enroute to their 2019 title. Substance did trump style and we get to explore the meaning of the win, both for America and women’s football in general.

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10 Africans unsettled in the English Premier League: #2 Eric Bailly

The January transfer window is a few weekends away. In our anticipation and excitement of possible moves, we have taken to lay down 10 “unsettled” African stars in the English top flight, the Premier League. Since its Thanksgiving, we are letting out number 1 & 2 at the same time!

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