FT World Cup 2018: Tunisia goes down hard but they go down swinging

Tunisia are all but eliminated from the World Cup 2018 after a 5-2 defeat to Belgium.

The odds really seem to be against the North African Les Aigles de Carthage in this tournament as they once again lost a game that they really needed to win to stay in the competition. Belgium did not just beat them, they scored more than double what Tunisia produced in an overwhelming 5-2 win. In case you are wondering how so much was accomplished, here is a snippet below.

Wahbi Khazri capitalized on the assist from Hamdi Nagguez and scored for Tunisia just before the referee blew the whistle. What a redemption for Tunisia! Earlier in the game, Dylan Bronn had taken a free kick from Saif-Eddine Khaoui which he then headed into the center of the net. Maybe this undesirable outcome can be accredited to the change of the players that started off the game from the Tunisian side. Farouk Ben Mustapha had to step in for the Tunisian goalkeeper who got injured during the game with England. Such a critical change during a desperate time is least likely going to yield good results in most cases, and this one happened to be one of them. Two of their players also had to exit the game before the end of the game, due to injury and this may have had an impact on the team too.

On the Belgium side, the drops of the victory started to pour in early into the game. Just after 6 minutes, a foul that worked in Belgium’s favor gave Eden Hazard a chance to capitalize with a penalty and he easily put the ball into the net while the Tunisian goalkeeper just knelt in front of the goal post. Lukaku was on fire too! Just before the teams adjourned for the first half, he had two goals under his belt for the Belgians. Even though he eventually left the game due to an injury, it did not stop the Red Devils from pouring in goals. Hazard and Batshuayi also each contributed one goal to the game which led to this incredible victory.

Tunisia needed to win this game, but we do not always get what we need. Tunisia will face Panama on Thursday, the 28th of June which might be their last game. As they pack their bags, they will say “we did not win the World Cup, but we participated and represented Africa in the World Cup!”