South Africa: Freestyle footballer breaks Walcott’s Guinness World Record

Theo Walcott has since lost Guinness World Record to Chris Njokwana

South African footballing genius, Chris Njokwana, known for his artistic displays with the ball off the field of the play - has written his name in the history books. Njokwana has broken former Arsenal midfielder, Theo Walcott’s record for the highest altitude of football dropped and controlled. The Cape Town born juggler has to make at least five touches to control a ball dropped from 37.4 meters off the ground, surpassing Theo Walcott’s control from a height of 34 meters.

It took Njokwana three attempts to get the technique right and the onlooking former Bafana Bafana and Everton midfielder, Steven Pienaar, had no choice but to heap praises on the free-stylist.

"A soccer ball is hard enough to control when dropped from 2 or 3 meters high, but 37.4 meters is a whole new level.” - Steven Pienaar

Kasi football played in the South African townships and many other rocky, dusty and informal places in Africa with an improvised ball out of plastic and paper usually breeds players with incredible control and grit to make anywhere they find themselves on the globe.

You can watch Chris Njokwana’s video here.