Egypt: Salah builds a $450 000 sewage treatment plant

Mohamed Salah of Liverpool FC and Egyptian National Team is giving back to Egypt

Will we ever stop writing about Mohamed Salah? The ‘Egyptian King’ has done it again, and this time, it’s off the pitch. News has been shared that the Liverpool forward has paid for the construction of a sewage plant in his hometown costing (USD) $450 000. The plant is expected to supply the village with cleaner and fresh water. Mo’s father was reported to be one of the signatories in commissioning the plant.

The Governor of Gharbia, where Salah’s village is situated spoke his mind on the 25-year-old:

"Salah is a role model to be followed by the youth and he is already loved by millions around the world because he draws happiness on their faces. He is also the best ambassador to Egypt in the world for promoting tourism."

Since the Arab Spring Uprising (2010-2012), Egypt has been on the course of rebuilding its political, social and economic structures and Salah has just contributed to that cause. It’s actually not his first philanthropic work having donated $36 000 to the Egyptian Association of Veteran Players in 2017.

The PFA and Football Writers’ Association player of the year, has enjoyed a stellar 2017/18 season where he has smashed numerous Liverpool and EPL records by scoring at least 45 goals. He is expected to win the EPL golden boot and also tipped to help his club to a UEFA Champions League title triumph when they face record holders, Real Madrid at the end of this month.