Abroad: Lacina Traore speaks out on false identity allegations

Lacina Traore playing in Ligue 1 for Amiens

The Monaco forward, on loan at Amiens, has been involved in a spat with the president of Etoile Sportive d'Abobo (ES Abobo) over claims that he had changed his name and reduced his age in order to jump ship into Europe. Kone claimed that Lacina was called Traore Menene when his Ivorian club signed him in 2005 and that his real age is 29, not 27 as the records say. He also added that ES Abobo should receive cuts of the transfer fees he has accumulated whenever he switched clubs.

The Ivorian forward nicknamed the “Big Tree” for his 203cm body frame has hit out at the outspoken Kone, denying coaching relations with the “prosecutor” though recognizing his relevance in the West African nation football world. Traore also added that his family back in Ivory Coast would visit the ES Abobo boss though his solution to fix the situation is to have his lawyers deal with this in court once the season is over. He remains level headed and hopes for a strong Ligue 1 finish for Amiens.

He’s tarnishing the honor of my family. My parents call me all the time. They want to go and meet him, but that’s not the solution. The law will speak. And the truth will win out. I’ll never accept what he says. He can’t say I’m someone I’m not.
— Lacina Traore

It’s not uncommon to hear reports of African players reducing their ages to play more rewarding football abroad, but there’s no substantial evidence to validate or nullify the claims. What do you think of such reports? Join the conversation using the comment box below.