Zambia: First team head coach, Nyirenda, dares his employers to sack him

Football Association of Zambia Chipopolo

The Chipopolo (Copper Bullets) head coach, Wedson “Weda” Nyirenda feels underappreciated, unwanted and disrespected by the Football Association of Zambia(FAZ). According to a letter circulating in the Football House, Weda highlighted that he would not appear before the Technical team set to review his performances.

The letter reportedly obtained by Times Sports state that Nyirenda was tired of being belittled and that he would be prepared to part ways with FAZ only if they pay their dues to him.

The following is an excerpt from the reported letter....

The past week, I have been wanting to meet you (FAZ President Andrew Kamanga) but it has not been possible due to circumstances. I want to make it clear that from inception, I was not wanted. It has been so evident in the way my office and person has been disrespected.
— Wedson “Weda” Nyirenda, Zambia’s National Team Coach

Nyirenda was appointed head coach in January 2017 and has built a youthful Zambian team who has an attractive attacking style of play second to a few on the continent. Zambia failed to qualify for the world under Nyirenda but finished second, ahead of Algeria and Cameroon, in the group won by Nigeria. Their recent second-place finish came to the Four Nations Tournament when they beat 2-0 by South Africa in the final. He is unfortunate not to have silverware to show for his hard work but many can tell he has been building a formidable Chipolopolo side.

I don’t think there is a need for technical review when you have already judged and made up your minds. You would be doing me a great favor if you terminated my contract. I have been injured for so long now and I am only human. We cannot go on pretending.
— Wedson “Weda” Nyirenda, Zambia’s National Team Coach