Abroad: King Salah gives Egyptians goosebumps

It is true that Mohamed Salah has become the only soundtrack on global media houses’ playlists. But away from all of that and how much we are loving him, we look at what Cairo and Egypt as a country feels about the lad turned King. Reuters TV took a tour and here is what they got:

"Honestly as soon as Salah scores we all feel goosebumps all over our body." Coffee Shop Worker, Sherif Hussein

Mohamed Salah for Liverpool FC will lead Egypt in World Cup 2018

"Despite not being a football fan, I am very proud of Mohamed Salah. was able to present a very good picture of to the international world. About Egyptians, Arabs, and Islam. He was able to present an image of us elegantly and easily." - Cairo resident, Fatma Saad

"Mohamed Salah is the best player in Egypt and is really representing us. He will be the best player in the world. He is royalty and everyone loves him. Everyone is proud of him. He is making Egypt proud abroad." - Unnamed Cairo Resident

 More than just the endless accolades and records broken, Salah gives a whole nation of more than 90 million people, hope, a sense of pride and fulfillment and other positive feelings best explained the phrase, “he gives us goosebumps.” He just plays football and puts it in the back of the net more often than most at a humble club in Liverpool, Merseyside - but in turn, he gives people more than they could adequately articulate. That’s the amazing power of the game we all love.

Apart from being endorsed as President of Egypt in the recent elections, Salah is leading the race for both England and Europe’s golden shoe having already scored more than Messi and Ronaldo at 45 goals in all competitions.All his current successes and the possibility of him leading Liverpool to a UEFA Champions League trophy presents an exciting prospect of winning the world’s best player accolade (Ballon d’or), breaking Messi and Ronaldo’s ten years of dominance.

Can he win it?