Police arrest 2 suspects for attempted murder on a Liverpool fan

Liverpool fan attacked by Roma fans

Violence has no place in football! The game between Liverpool and Manchester City created a hostile environment which saw the Manchester City bus attacked by Liverpool fans. UEFA responded to that incident and issued a penalty towards Liverpool because of the behavior of their fans. Because of that, some Roma fans thought that they could copy this unlawful behavior as they attacked a Liverpool fan near the stadium. The man who was attacked goes by the name Sean Cox who is a father of three. The 53-year old was attacked near the Kop Stand where the fans were gathering before the semifinal game between AS Roma and Liverpool started. The incident took place around 7.35pm and some witnesses have come forward to say that the victim was hit with a belt before going to ground. He was treated by the paramedics at the scene before being carried to Walton Neurological Centre by an ambulance where he is in a critical condition. He is being treated for a head injury and the police are appealing to anyone who has any information or evidence that can help their case. In the interim, two suspects have been apprehended believed to be between the ages 20 and 29 on suspicion of attempted murder.

Liverpool issued a statement after the incident saying, “Liverpool Football Club will continue to work closely with the relevant authorities to establish an understanding of the facts, following a serious and disturbing incident at Anfield last night which has left a 53-year-old supporter in a critical condition in hospital.”

This is such a shame that some fans would go all the way to fight over the beautiful game that we all love. UEFA also denounced these actions and we are waiting to see how this matter will be handled. Merseyside police have also arrested 7 other men on suspicions of affray, criminal damage, possession of an offensive weapon, among others. Our thoughts are with the victim. Let us end violence in the game.