Controversial Barton to become Fleetwood coach

Joey Barton to become Fleetwood coach

The 35-year old midfielder who is currently serving his football match ban has been appointed to become the new head coach at low league Fleetwood. The midfielder is infamous for his free-spirited opinions and saying the most bizarre of things that one would not expect. He is very cocky, and it is quite shocking as to how Fleetwood have made this decision to trust the midfielder to lead their team to glory. The player has already represented some big clubs not just in England but in Europe as well as he has played for Newcastle, Manchester City, Burnley, Rangers, and Marseille. The player has signed a three year deal with the club and is expected to retire from being a player first that is after the 2nd of June where his ban will end.

He had this to say about the move, “I’m very excited by the challenge and the project at Fleetwood Town. It’s a club I’ve known for a long time, and a chairman I already have a very good relationship with.”

This move has brought some excitement to the chairman of the club who believes that the Barton will bring his experience and profile. A lot of optimism surrounds this move, but we all know what Joey is capable of. What happens when he does not agree with the chairman of the club or anyone above his pay grade? Will he throw a tantrum like he is known for doing or will he be mature and be smart about not placing himself in awkward situations? This is an interesting one. We will live to see how long this tale will last. Aren’t you as excited as well?