World Cup Rush: Egyptian fan cycles to Russia

Egypt National Team Celebrates Mohamed Salah Goal

No one is better prepared for the World Cup than a Pharaohs fan who goes by the name Nufal. If anything, Russia 2018 might not actually be ready for the Egyptian. He set up his bike with all the necessary kit including items such as spare parts, extra phones, camping gear and batteries and is already en route to the European country. Nufal’s journey is expected to take 65 days, passing through Jordan, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, and Ukraine. He will fly over Syria for security reasons, in light of the ongoing civil war.

Nufal began his journey on Saturday from Tahrir Square and was sent off by friends as well his mother. He hopes that along the way, he will meet hospitable homes who will be happy to have him.

It’s about the road more than the arrival. If it were just about the World Cup, I would take a plane. It is a great chance for me to see new things.
— Nufal

Do you know any friends who are as crazy about the world cup as Nufal and ourselves?