Allardyce to meet with a frustrated Rooney

Everton player Wayne Rooney takes a corner kick in the English Premier League

Former England and Manchester United captain, Wayne Rooney was furious at his boss for taking him out of the match between Everton and Liverpool on the 57th minute. The striker-turned-midfielder is used to being the focal point of the team and did not expect Sam Allardyce to sub him off the pitch especially in the Merseyside derby which is every club fan’s joy to play in. Sam Allardyce made comments in the post-match commentary box and he said that no player is too big to be subbed off. The coach, however, defended his decision saying that it was for the best of the team and that Everton became more attacking and created more opportunities to score, but Rooney could have been that man to score those goals. The former England international has seen a reduced number of minutes ever since Allardyce took over from Koeman. This is even after their record signing picked up an injury that ruled him out for the rest of the season.

Allardyce is quoted to have said this to talkSPORT, “That was too much for him to take and he had to show his frustration. We'll sit down in the next week and we'll talk it through and we'll see how he feels. I'm sure he's calmed down a little bit now.”

The coach wants to sit down with the experienced player who left Manchester United for Everton this season. He wants to have a conversation about it in a calmer environment after what happened on Saturday. He believes the player has cooled down now and would probably discuss so as to manage expectations from both parties and prevent such disappointments that lead to outrageous decisions that can disrupt the dressing room. Whom do you think is to blame in this case? Did Allardyce owe more to Rooney that what he gave him? Should the player have kept his cool and express his frustrations behind closed doors? Drop your comments below.