The Ox Hits Back at Henry & Neville


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has taken a stab back at pundits Thierry Henry and Garry Neville. The duo had thrown shade at the winger ahead of his £35 million move to Liverpool when they said that they did not know exactly what he was good at. Chamberlain hit back at Henry and called him stupid or rather considered his criticism as stupid because the Arsenal legend claimed to have watched him for a long time but still failed to know his strengths. He however, acknowledged that he could take the criticism in terms of the finishing end where his finishing product has not been the best. He realizes that he has a lot to learn which is why he chose to move to the Merseyside club from Arsenal where he felt his career was on hold. He went on to say that it is unpleasant to hear stupid criticism from peers and people you worked with because he worked with Garry Neville at England when he was an assistant manager and Thierry for a brief stint when he was in charge of the under 18s at Arsenal.