Guardiola Continues to Protest

Guardiola seems to be the name on everyone’s lips for building a team that is challenging on 2 fronts, having already won the Carabao cup in England. Not often have we heard anything bad about him, save for the traction coming from the tiny ribbon that he wears on the left side of his chest. For those who don’t know, the yellow ribbon represents a strong support for politicians who have been imprisoned in his native Catalonia. Guardiola has accepted a charge from the Football Association in England for wearing it during his teams’ 1-0 FA cup defeat to Wigan. It seems that this charge was not enough as the Manchester City boss has confirmed that he will wear the ribbon again in the UEFA Champions League when his team faces Basel on Wednesday. His actions, by some, have been compared to someone wearing an ISIS badge and this is probably not how Guardiola wanted his message to come across. Is it time for him to find another way of protesting which will not get him into trouble before it is too late? Read more on Pep’s stance here.