Carvalhal says the Manchester United manager enjoys fights with players

Carlos Carvalhal says that the Manchester United boss enjoys fighting with people. The Swansea City boss used to work under Mourinho during his second tenure at Chelsea and the two managers will have a clash this weekend when Swansea face Manchester United. Carvalhal admits to having some similarities with the Portuguese but says Mourinho is more confrontational than him. He observed how the manager picked up fights with a lot of people and how it propels him to succeed under those circumstances. Some reports have surfaced about a possible clash between Mourinho and Pogba which has resulted in the player’s below par performances in recent weeks. I guess this explains why Pogba is not happy at the current situation and we know that Mourinho is to blame. It is just a matter of time before Mourinho picks another fight at United. Could that one be his last since he is failing to live up to the hype he created for himself when he arrived? Have your say below.