FIFA World Cup: Morocco is not joking about the 2026 world cup bid

The Kingdom of Morocco has set the record straight about their 2026 world cup bid, alluding that it’s not just a publicity stunt. The chief executive and his team have expressed their determination towards landing the bid.

"We are not here for a communications stunt - we are here to win," El Amrani told BBC Sport.

Morocco is setting out to be the second African country to host the FIFA World Cup tournament after South Africa 2010. They are not new to bidding processes, having already campaigned to host the tournament on four occasions. This time, they will have to outcompete a joint bid by Canada, USA and Mexico and perhaps the public backing by former FIFA boss, Sepp Blatter could help them get this one over the line. The process involves the aspiring country submitting bids which are then reviewed for legitimacy and then the decision left to FIFA’s 207 member associations through a voting process. This year’s 2026 hosts on the 13th of June 2018, in Russia. The 2022 World Cup Finals will be held in Qatar.