Potential Candidates To Replace Wenger


In the past weeks, many reports were coming from all angles about Arsenal and their difficult patch they were going through. Many believe that the time has passed for the long-serving manager to turn around this bad omen and build a team that can mount a title challenge once more. £8 million per year is too much an investment that yields no results as the team is not even competing in the Champions League. In this article, we take a look at the people that could be potential replacements for the manager who has served for 21 years whether they are like-for-like or disruptive managers with different philosophies to that of the dead horse.


Edie Howe of Bournemouth is the first name that comes up on our list. The young manager has proved that he has the guts to play football his own way despite the opposition he is facing. Much-like-Wenger, Howe is a very stubborn manager who does not change his style of play to suit the opponents’ tactics. He sticks to his philosophy of dominating the game in possession and this has brought some excitement to the Bournemouth faithful ever since he took charge back in 2012. It would not be a surprise if he was named as the successor to Wenger if the manager leaves this season because they see football in the same way and most likely would continue Wenger’s legacy of always trying to bring the game to the opponents.

Achievements: Championship Promotion 2013, Premier League Promotion 2015



Carlo Ancelotti is the first big name coach that has the credentials to take over at Arsenal and bring some needed change. The Italian has been around the game for quite some time and has managed some of the biggest clubs in Chelsea, AC Milan, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. His trophy-laden career makes him an attractive option for Arsenal who needs someone to motivate the already talented squad and bring them to another level. He is well known for his man-management skills with most of his former players calling him the best coach that they have ever played under. Wenger seems to lack the ability to motivate his squad which is full of internationals and has even some amazing players come into his squad and lose confidence. This could be solved by Ancelotti. Also, he is a very attack coach as well with a preferred 4-2-3-1 formation which has been Wenger’s favorite formation in the past decade or more. Ancelotti is currently out of contract at the moment and now is the time for the club to make a move for the manager who was sacked by Bayern Munich earlier in this season.  

Achievements: UEFA Champions League 2003, 2007 & 2014, FIFA Club World Cup 2007 & 2014 among others


Joachim Low is another name that has been linked to the Arsenal post and could be next in line once Wenger resigns. The current Germany coach has been one of the bravest managers to give a chance to young and inexperienced players in the major international tournaments. This has been Wenger’s strength who has developed some of the best talents almost single-handedly before selling them off to other competitive clubs. Low has not only given them a chance but has also pushed them to deliver as most recently he won the Confederations Cup with a second fiddle squad that was full of young German players. Such is the dream for an Arsenal fan to pride in winning the Premier Leagues and Champions League with players that were not bought for hundreds of millions but are still world-class and dazzle the audience every 90 minutes. Little is known about his abilities to find success at club level but his portfolio is undeniably attractive and could be a risk worth taking.

Achievements: FIFA World Cup 2014, FIFA Confederations Cup 2017




Diego Simeone is the direct opposite to the aforementioned coaches as he is more defensive minded. This is probably down to the fact that he used to play as a central defender before he became a coach. He prioritizes defense over meaningless attacks that we have seen recently from Arsenal that have amounted to nothing. Simeone does not play attractive football but has managed to build a team capable of competing with the very best of players in the world as he sits back and waits for counterattacks in matches and successfully grinds out a win. ‘Winning ugly’ could be a new term to the Arsenal faithful but it has seen many teams lift trophies in Leicester, and Chelsea during Wenger’s tenure. That mentality to fight till the end and protect their own goal is evidently lacking considering the fact that Arsenal is the team that has already conceded 41 goals which is the highest among the top 7 teams this season. Arsenal needs to find a coach that can fix that problem at the back.

Achievements: La Liga 2014, Copa del Rey 2013, UEFA Europa League 2012,  




Finally, the last two options are Arsenal legends and have not done much in terms of gaining experience to lead such a big club but are adored by the fans which gives them a chance. The first one being Thierry Henry who is currently a SkySports pundit and an assistant manager to Roberto Martinez in the Belgium national team. He is somewhat the favorite to get the post among the rest and has even confirmed that he would not turn down the chance to help Arsenal out of their misery. Could he be next to bring in instant success with little experience like his former teammate Zidane has done for Real Madrid since he took over 2 years ago?



Apart from that, there is also a former captain of the club in Patrick Vieira who has been working with players as a coach in the MLS with Etihad’s New York City. He is known to be an outspoken person who has no problem with going hard with players if they are not in check. Could he be the manager that the players need to up their game? Don’t forget to drop your comments below!