Impact of Football on Fans

barca fans.jpg

How often do we actually sit down and think about the value that football adds to the avid soccer fan? Well, at FirstTouch Football, we like looking into such things and think about the impact. Does football bring joy, despair or any other emotion? Here’s our thought process.


In a tournament like the UEFA Champions League, there are two different types of teams that are often seeded against each other in the knockout rounds. The first being the typical giants like Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Juventus, most recently Paris St Germain among others. These are very big teams with great ambitions. They are often expected to win every match that they play during the season. This is different to the kind of teams like Liverpool, Basel, FC Porto and the like who are usually in this tournament just to try their luck and see where it takes them. It is not like they really look forward to lifting the trophy at the end of the tournament. This is just how it is. Having said that, this mentality within the team spreads out to a fan of the teams in question such that, whenever a soccer season starts, they know the limit to their expectations on their favorite teams.


When the tournament commences, nerves are prone to attacks. Fans have a scare when their teams fail to score, concede penalties, and receive red cards among other things. It doesn’t end there, some go home disappointed in the results. This has an impact on a person’s mood for the rest of the day and even sometimes the following days as you’ll be having some fans of other clubs sometimes rubbing the defeat in your face.

Enough said about the negative energy. What about winning? How’s that? ArsenalFan TV (on YouTube) has been a great platform that shows the emotions of fans post matches. The excitement, joy or happiness you see on the faces as their teams triumph in derbies or big matches is priceless. Soccer fans literally cannot stop smiling when they reflect on their teams performances after big wins. However, this is only beaten by claiming the title in any competition. Being the team to defeat everyone in the competition brings pride to the club and the fans. I mean, this is why people support football. To hopefully see their team lift a trophy at the end of the competition. Unfortunately, the trophy is only lifted by one team in any competition which sometimes mean that one team in a league of twenty is celebrating. What then would be a fair evaluation of the impact of soccer at such a moment? Does it bring happiness to the fans more than disappointment? What do you think?